LED wireless screen
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ELECOSNs ( http://www.elecosn.com ) wireless LED screen, the user is able to control and supervise the screen anywhere, anytime...

PC un-needed
In-built advanced CPU with high graphic processing capability itself, extra computer not needed. High resolution guaranteed!

Wireless transmitting & control
Equipped with latest wireless technology, AirScreen fulfills the possibilities of transmitting and controlling wirelessly, that eliminates the limit on control distance in traditional PC-type screen and pushes it to No Limit! Now the operator can supervise and control the screen anytime, anywhere in the world!

Multi-video-signal compatible
Multiple video signals such as TV, HDTV, S-video, VGA, DVI can be played synchronously

Multi-media devices direct play
Multi-media devices such as DVD player, TV set, CCTV, Digital Camera, HD, Flash Disk, USB devices all can be played with AirScreen directly with synchronous sound & video

Multiple communication interfaces

Auto brightness adjustment
In-built light sensors, AirScreen is able to adjust the brightness of screen automatically according to external lights. Saving energy efficiently

Intelligent auto self-protection
In-built temperature, humidity & brightness (3IN1) sensor, AirScreen can do self- diagnosing for errors, do report to distant operator via internet, and take quick actions for self-protection automatically

Remote control